Our custom ECU remapping solutions can be used to provide our customers with bespoke tuning options. Whether it be a gain in horsepower (BHP) or a blend of both performance and economy we deliver every time.

JC Remapping are Specialists in ECU Remapping / ECU Tuning we offer custom remapping solutions for the majority of cars and vans on the road today. 

Our business is based in Leeds, West Yorkshire where we have a garage premises offering an in house mechanic for all your parts and fitting. The majority of modern vehicles can be remapped via the OBD (On Board Diagnostic) port and we also offer a mobile service covering Yorkshire.

We take great pride in our work and aim to provide exceptional customer service every time. Using experience and knowledge we have been able to provide a fantastic product which is installed using safe state of the art technology and equipment.

All our software development is carried out using live tuning equipment .

JC Remapping are installation specialists in performance and economy remapping on most mainstream cars.

JC Remapping are installation specialists in performance and economy tuning on SUV’s. We can offer the full range of services which includes economy tuning, installation of speed limiters and full custom upgrades.

VAG Specialists we are at the forefront of the tuning market for DSG tuning software.

We have access to a dynamometer with full engine analysis capabilities. Read More

With Vans running the same engine variants as main stream cars, the remapping potential on commercial vans is the same as for cars.

JC Remapping are installation specialists in performance and economy tuning on haulage vehicles & agricultural vehicles

DPF Removal software will ensure that your vehicle operates without the DPF being present.

For full engine performance the EGR valve is closed which creates a closed loop environment for the turbo system which allows it to pressurise.

If you want a quote on the potential performance gains for your vehicle or you are interested in any of our services please request a quote below or contact us via email at info@jcremapping.com or give us a call on 07581 390111
We aim to provide a quote within 24 hours of receiving your enquiry.

Jay came to my business and helped me with my van. Van been on the road 2 weeks and I have already seen the improvement in fuel economy. The remap will pay for itself as you advised very impressed.

Wow I got my S3 earlier this year and thought it was a fast car, I didn't know what an increase a stage 1.5 crackle would do to my car and the results are outstanding!!! The DSG remap JC gave me is just remarkable it is seamless through the gears and the noise from the overrun is so nice and makes me smile each time I hear it rumble. The performance of my S3 now stands head to head with an RS3 without paying the premium and yes I have tested it!! Oh almost forgot I was quoted at 5 places nearly 3 times the cost locally and I have used other places before and been charged extortionately!

I have had issues with this car for a long time and nothing seemed to be fixing the issues even visits to VW service hasn't improved the drive. I went to JC remapping for advice and explained my issues and I received good honest advice. My car now runs like it should with more power and better efficiency! I still don't understand how or why VW don't have these cars running like this in the first place making us waste fuel for less power?? Thank-you so much

Called Jay and got some advice on DPF issues and limp mode on my Audi. Jay came out to see me and did a fault diagnosis and found I had a faulty/clogged DPF as my car had approached 100,000. My car was recovered, Fixed and remapped and a solution found for my DPF issue. Had the car back a month and economy it is returning me is great and I have more power too with no DPF issues. Great service and knowledgeable advice given. To top the service off my car came back valeted! I will be recommending JC Remapping to my friends.

I worked with Jay years ago modifying cars and selling them on so I know he knows his stuff. A custom stage 1 remap gave my 140BHP Audi A3 a huge boost in power. After the remap I booked on a rolling road to test the results and I made 187HP on my first run and 189HP on the second and the cars not skipped a beat since. Great guys and tested results so highly recommend

We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and it is at the forefront of our operation. Reliability and satisfaction is our goal and we are sure you will be delighted with the service we offer.