An Explanation of What ECU Remapping is? And Why it is Beneficial.

In this blog, we aim to explain what ECU Remapping/ECU Tuning means, and why remapping your vehicle is beneficial.

Getting more from your vehicle in terms of performance and economy might sound like you would have to take a trip to a garage and have parts modified or replaced however, remapping is a great way to improve your vehicles performance at a fraction of the cost of upgrading parts and taking no time at all to install.

So What Does Remapping Mean?

Put simply, ECU Remapping which is sometimes also referred to as ECU tuning, is when the settings on a vehicles ‘engine control unit’ (ECU) are changed to improve and tune certain areas of a vehicle’s performance. By altering the settings on the vehicles ECU, the MAP will then change how the engine performs and this is what is known as Remapping.

How Does a Tuner Remap My Vehicle?

Remapping vehicles is done by making changes the manufacturer’s default settings or Map. The Map will be modified and the software on the ECU tweaked/tuned to optimise the performance or economy of the vehicle. The original Map is modified with customised settings and is generally installed via the vehicles serial port (also known as the OBD port). There are other ways that vehicles can be remapped by removing the vehicles ECU and placing wires directly to the circuit board or boot loader pins to install the modified Map. On estimate 95% of modern vehicles can be remapped via the OBD port. This is a far less intrusive way of remapping a vehicle.

The Benefits of Remapping?

Vehicle manufacturers will make a vehicle to sell on mass production, which in turn means they will detune certain models to fit insurance groups and attract varied types of customers.

You may have bought the base 100 bhp model but noticed the top model of the same car going up to 170 bhp at a much higher price. What a lot people don’t understand is both the 100 bhp and the 170 bhp models will usually share the same engine and also control unit. That’s correct the same engine, the same running gear (gearbox) and in the end they are the same car apart the coding on the MAP.

By remapping your car you can have the same performance as the top model without having to pay the dramatic increased price from the manufacturer.

There are many reasons that people want to remap their vehicle but the main two reasons we have found are for increased performance and or fuel efficiency

The outcome of ECU remapping will see an increase in power, this allows the owner to make the most of the increased power and torque throughout the ‘rev range’ and gears, this will see fuel economy improved. It down to how the driver chooses to use the tuned car which decides how economic it becomes.

Remapping a vehicle will have an immediate effect on power,speed, performance and economy. On average our increases range from 30-60bhp, and torque up to 90lb/ft!

The engine will more responsive, allowing the driver use the additional power to overtake easily without labouring the vehicles engine or turbo. This can also cut down on the number of gear changes the driver has to make. Again, this can will boost fuel economy if used strategically.

Choosing a reputable company to carry out the remapping is a good way to reduce the risk of anything going wrong. Here at JC Remapping we are an established business with a good reputation. We are custom remapping installation experts and use high quality genuine tools to install your remap safely. We offer a lifetime warranty on all replacement software.

We are based at a garage location close to Leeds city centre but also offer a mobile service for some vehicles. We can help with diagnostics for vehicles with management lights and mechanical enquires are referred to our in house mechanic.

For any more information feel free to give us a call and we will be happy to assist with any enquiries you may have.

Hope to speak soon the JC Remapping team.
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