EGR Delete Software

Due to the EGR constantly recirculating the burnt exhaust gases it naturally builds up deposits of the waste gases. The waste soot from the gases creates a build-up of carbon which then inhibits the valves ability and results in the valves sticking and causing the vehicle to go in to limp mode. In order for the engine to perform efficiently the EGR will be closed allowing the turbo to spool and release the boost to the engine. When the EGR is stuck it will stop the turbo from providing the correct boost to the intake manifold and this then reduces power and also impacts the fuel efficiency. The EGR is not an essential part on vehicles that do not have a DPF and therefore these problematic parts can be told by the ECU (remapped) to remain shut and provide a stable environment for the turbo to work effectively and save money in repairs and fuel economy.

Installing EGR (Exhaust Gas Re-circulation) Delete software will save money repairing these faulty unnecessary parts and also saves on fuel expenses. Here at JC Remapping we are able to provide EGR Delete and EGR Bypass remapping solutions for the majority of vehicles. 

  • Restore Engine Power
  • Restore fuel efficiency 
  • No limp mode
  • Permanent Fix 
  • Prevents DPF failures 
  • Prevents EGR repairs 
  • Still 100% MOT Compliant