Diagnostic Health Check

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Under current MOT regulations any Malfunction Indicator Lights (MIL) visible whether intermittent or permanent will be classed as an MOT fail.

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The MIL is an important function of the vehicle and provides the driver with warnings by displaying a lit symbol on the dash. When diagnosed and acted upon early it can save lots of money in repairs in the long run.

Here at JC Remapping we use genuine, professional fault diagnosis tools and software. Our tools interact with the vehicles ECU via the OBD port and provide our technicians with the P Code (Error Code) causing the Dash light to be illuminated.

There are occasions where these lights go rogue and light up either intermittently and there isn’t actually a fault with the vehicle. It could simple like a dirty sensor or potentially the codes need to be reset in order to assess if there is a permanent or an upcoming issue.

These lights can become an excuse for a dealership or garage to tell you that your vehicle needs parts or work that aren’t required which will cost money in repairs that were not required. We work with an in house mechanic at our garage premises where we are happy to provide you with a full fault diagnosis based on our OBD fault reading and mechanical advice.

  • OBD Fault Diagnosis (inc clear codes) £40.00
  • Mechanical and OBD Fault Diagnosis £60.00

There are occasions where some P Codes can be deleted permanently from the ECU Software for EGR deletes and some sensors that aren’t required following exhaust upgrades. This is a different process and requires your car to be remapped / tuned in order to change the coding on the software.

We generally provide this service to other garages in the West Yorkshire area and we will not delete a P Code without fully checking why the MIL is illuminated.

  • P Code Delete Service £100.00
  • (Diesel) P Code Delete and Stage 1 Tune Starting at £250.00 / Stage 2 £350.00
  • (Petrol) P Code Delete and Stage 1 Tune Starting at £295.00 / Stage 2 £350.00