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Innovative performance measurement – Insoric RealPower

JC Remapping are at the forefront of performance measurement and we have access to one of the most accurate road dyno systems available on the market. Gone are the days of disengaging the 4wd haldex to measure BHP (Brake Horse Power), Torque and Wheel Horse Power.

Insoric RealPower is the mobile and forward-looking system for performance measurement on engines. Using an innovative measurement procedure, it records the performance in a surprisingly simple way: precisely and understandably.

  • High precision, innovative sensor technology: the Insoric RealPower-measurement module
  • The measurements are carried out without any complicated cabling and completely without an electrical interface
  • Simple and fast data evaluation on the PC
  • Flexible to use: measurements can be carried out practically anywhere and at any time
  • The measurement takes place in the effective vehicle environment, i.e. during a measurement run on a road
  • Conclusion: highly reliable, precise, understandable and comparable measurements based on the actual conditions