SUV Tuning

JC Remapping are specialists in performance and economy tuning on 4×4’s / SUV’s. Due to the size of these utility vehicles they require more power and torque to pull the extra weight. In some cases the manufacturer specification just isn’t enough to make the vehicle enjoyable to drive or fuel efficient.

Performance Remapping

Our performance remapping solutions will dramatically improve the torque and power of your vehicle. Our software is fully dyno tested and through research and development we are able to offer solutions that enable the driver to release the true potential of the vehicle.

Each remap is custom written by our tuners.  We modify the unique map stored within your vehicles ECU, we do not provide a generic map that may not fit your vehicles software or requirements. Unlike other tuners out there we are able to write custom files to suit all stages of tuning. Our in house mechanic is also available to take your vehicle to stage 2 & 3 and we can fit upgrade parts to fit your requirements.

Efficiency / Economy Tuning 
We are able to offer remapping solutions on almost every modern vehicle that will not only improve the fuel efficiency but also the performance. By telling the vehicle to use its components more efficiently it essentially save on fuel and in most case you can achieve between 10-30% savings on fuel.

Choosing a reputable company to carry out the remapping is a good way to reduce the risk of anything going wrong. Here at JC Remapping we are an established business with a good reputation. We are custom remapping installation experts and use high quality genuine tools to install your remap safely. We offer a lifetime warranty on all replacement software.

We are based at a garage location close to Leeds city centre but also offer a mobile service for some vehicles. We can help with diagnostics for vehicles with management lights and mechanical enquires are referred to our in house mechanic.

For any more information feel free to give us a call and we will be happy to assist with any enquiries you may have.

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